About Morten Empeño.

Started Developing Early

I started developing software, when I was around nine years old. At that time there was no internet, no fancy communities, nearly no books about software development in normal libraries and the IT world was strange, mysterious and pretty revolutionary for a young kid like me.

Teacher Background

I did not start my career as a developer, though. Due to my interest of teaching, education and learning, I decided to become a teacher, and started the education a few years after high school.

During the teacher training, I got the opportunity to do two internships very far from the comfortable Danish system. First I went to a small village in Nambia, where I helped teach young and really poor Namibians in English. A year later I went to Peru to teach a group of poor Peruvians in English, as well. I found out that travelling and learning about other cultures was a big interest, and something I could learn a lot from. So after becoming a teacher, I also used the following years to visit other countries, such as Cuba, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, as soon as the pretty long summer holiday for Danish teachers came.

Time for a Change

I loved teaching, and I was very encouraged by the fact, that I could make a difference for the young students. But after six years of teaching, I made the biggest career decision: I decided to quit my job, even though I was not really sure what to do instead. The short time I had with no job gave me the opportunity to think deeply about what I really wanted to work with.

I knew that my very big passion and interest was software development, but actually I never really considered that I could make a living from that. – I thought of programming more as a hobby, and something I could do to relax, when I did not work. But After a few weeks of being without a job my plan and my vision was clear: I wanted to become a talented software developer, and I wanted to see if it would be possible to make a career as a developer. Since then I have been working really hard to achieve this ambition. I develop applications, read and talk about programming and watch videos and write blog about programming. – I do it every day, and many hours a day.

Software Developer at LEGO

For the last seven years I have been working at LEGO Sytem A/S as a senior software developer. I have been deeply involved in making websites such as lego.com/careers, lego.com/aboutus, lego.com/legohouse and lego.com/legohistory. But my main focus have been on helping LEGO Education achieving their digital strategy. Some of the results can be seen on education.lego.com, education.lego.com/lesi, education.lego.com/educationdownloads. I have also developed Admin Applications for LEGO, which are used internally for support issues and for ensuring a high quality on the digital products.

Tech Lead Role

I was selected to be a Tech Lead at the beginning of 2015. That meant I was not part of a SCRUM team anymore. Instead I got the responsibility of helping and guiding three SCRUM teams to find the right technical solutions and I ensure the quality and security is high, on the projects I am involved in. As a Tech Lead I also teach teams to follow the right process with the purpose of always improving the output to the customer. I support them on principles such as Test Driven Development, which is a passion of mine. I use my background as a Certified SCRUM Master and a Sitecore Certified Professional Developer to help the teams improving on processes and quality.


Security is a passion of mine. I see it as a top priority, when creating products for a customer. As technical persons, it is our responsibility to ensure the security is of the best quality. During the last couple of years my responsibility has been more focused around security - and I have also seen increasing needs for focusing on security in the IT World as such.