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Speed optimizing

I have had the chance to do some speed optimization on Bed and Breakfast Randers. The website did only have a few visits before the optimization, and in rough numbers the owners of the website had a conversion every third day. After optimizing the website to run on a CDN, bundling and minfyind javascripts, a good caching strategy, optimizing images and much more, they received a better ranking and better yet: visitors seemed to like the site better, causing more conversions. The last message I got from them said, that they had five requests to book the bed and breakfast in a single day.

Supporting Experience Editor with Placeholders

When you are creating a Sitecore website, you should surely focus on the end user experience, but just as important, you should also focus on creating a nice and user friendly experience for the editors of the website. There are several tips and tricks, which can be used to make it easy for the editor to work with the content of the website. Basically you should always strive to support the experience editor in the best possible way.

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Sitecore Aliases

Sitecore aliases allows us to use shorter versions of urls, representing content items in our content tree. It could be used for a landing page or a campaign. The business may want to use a short and precise url in their commercial or in their advertising material, instead of the long url, represing a content item living in fourth level in our Sitecore structure. In this blog I explain how Sitecore aliases can help us doing this, and also why we should be careful using Sitecore aliases.

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Running Sitecore in Live Mode

By default, Sitecore runs in publishing mode. That means that normally you run a publish process, after you have added or edited content. This is meaningful and relevant for your development and testing environment – and of course also for the production environment. But as a developer, it would be smart to have an opportunity for a local setup, where you are able to make content changes, and see the changes immediately, so that you save time on publishing, clearing site cache etc.

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