Software Developer at LEGO

Since 2009 I have been a part of the success at LEGO System A/S

Since 2009 I have been working at LEGO Sytem A/S as a senior software developer. I have been deeply involved in making websites such as,, and I have also developed Admin Applications for LEGO, which are used internally for support issues and for ensuring a high quality on the digital products.

I was selected to be a Tech Lead at the beginning of 2015. That meant I was not part of a SCRUM team anymore. Instead I got the responsibility of helping and guiding three SCRUM teams to find the right technical solutions and I ensure the quality and security is high, on the projects I am involved in. As a Tech Lead I also teach teams to follow the right process with the purpose of always improving the output to the customer. I support them on principles such as Test Driven Development, which is a passion of mine. I use my background as a Certified SCRUM Master and a Sitecore Certified Professional Developer to help the teams improving on processes and quality.

Google search on laptop

Search Engine Optimization

I have been working with SEO since I made my first website in 1998

I LOVE SEO. I enjoy making all the small changes needed, to get a top position on the search engines. The fact that Google and other search engines reward good software quality more and more, goes hand in hand with my passion for creating HIGH QUALITY websites.


Web platform

I LOVE the web platform

The web platform is so powerful. You can change a website or a webservice in seconds, and all users will be affected immediately. For apps you need the users to update before changes are effectful. Websites and web services is just easier to maintain, quicker to change and you can target all users in one application.


Hobbies and interests

I am a curious person, so I find many things interestings. But these few topics I special passion for

Website speed optimization

Having a fast website is key when it comes to user experience and SEO. I love tweaking the small details to improve website speed.


I have been a speaker on different occasions. I like to share my knowledge, and I enjoy learning by communicating.


I love to study and learn. I am always studying a topic - mostly related to seoftware development.


I love to travel. It does not matter if it is to Cuba, Peru, Nambibia or to Fanoe.


My most recent hobby is photographing. I like to combine photographing with my passion for web.

Web Security

I like to learn about web security. It is more important than ever that your website is secure.